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  1. Braza Full Size Silicone Magic

    Braza Full Size Silicone Magic

    Adds a full cup size to your current anatomy! Learn More
  2. Braza Contour Petal Silicone Gels

    Braza Contour Petal Silicone Gels

    For A Cups!

    Clingy clothes? Cold day? Swimming? Going braless? Stop embarrassing nipple show-through instantly with these silicone gel petals.

    Discreet covers mold to your breasts' shape for natural , smooth coverage. Eliminates show-through under knits & revealing fashions. Made of non-sensitizing silicone adhesive , for a secure fit that can be reused up to 30 times. Convenient tray for travel & storage included.

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  3. Braza Clear Reveal Bra
  4. Braza Clear Silicone Comfort Bra Strap Pads
  5. Braza Mini Swim Tape

    Braza Mini Swim Tape

    The perfect travel-friendly version of Braza's waterproof, double-sided fashion tape. Great for vacations, by the pool and at the beach. Learn More
  6. Braza Clear Bra Straps

    Braza Clear Bra Straps

    Clear Bra straps are stylish and discreet without sacrificing support or comfort in tops that would normally show off your straps. They can be used with any bra that has detachable straps. Stylish under sheer fabric , discreet with tanks , halter and t-shirts and sexy with revealing necklines and swimsuits.

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  7. Braza Clear Magic Clip

    Braza Clear Magic Clip

    While redistributing weight and taking pressure off the shoulders , MAGIC CLIP adds impressive , instant breast lift. Adjustable for personal comfort it wraps around , then slides up and down bra straps , bringing comfort for every breast size and body type.

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7 Item(s)

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