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Fashion Solutions

Hooray for no more fashion blunders! Ricky’s has all the best fashion design solutions. If your fashion wear has a tear try our flash tape or fashion tape for quick fix its to wardrobe malfunctions. Women Fashion Forms extenders increase the length of your bra band, ideal for maternity and weight gain. We have all the solutions from the greatest brands like Braza, Spanx, A.J. Morgan and Totes.

Keep up with the fashion trends and fashion accessories when you order our style solutions. We have silicon and foam push up pads, invisible bra straps and breast petals for women. But fashion isn’t just clothes! We also carry glasses, tote umbrellas and ponchos.

We want to make your life easier and all of our products are here to help you do that. Order them now and be happy with your purchases. The greatest fashion solutions and accessories are only a click away!

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  1. Ricky's Selfie Stick

    Ricky's Selfie Stick

    Fit all your friends in one #Selfie with our own handy Ricky's Selfie Stick! Compatible with most smart phones, you can use this Selfie Stick to take fun photos without limiting the scope of the shot! Includes remote for further photographic ease! Learn More
  2. Braza Silicone Gel Petals

    Braza Silicone Gel Petals

    Discreet covers mold to your breasts' shape for natural , smooth coverage. Eliminates show-through under knits & revealing fashions. Made of non-sensitizing silicone adhesive , for a secure fit that can be reused up to 30 times. Learn More
  3. NPW Glow-In-The-Dark Puffy Fabric Paint Set

    NPW Glow-In-The-Dark Puffy Fabric Paint Set

    Upcycle your worn-out wardrobe with some Puffy Paint! Perfect for updating your favorite fabrics, including T-Shirts, Bags and Pencil Cases. Simply draw your design, leave to air dry for six hours, then use a hair dryer to make the colors PUFF! Learn More

    Regular Price: $4.50

    Special Price: $2.99

  4. Braza Camel Not

    Braza Camel Not

    Another problem solved! Insurance against embarrassing camel toe. Learn More
  5. Braza Clear Silicone Comfort Bra Strap Pads
  6. Braza Hemmingways

    Braza Hemmingways

    Quickly convert pant length to wear with high heels, boots and flats. Includes 16 snaps. Learn More
  7. Braza Flash Tape

    Braza Flash Tape

    A body and clothing tape. Use tape to adhere clothes to your body

    Learn More
  8. The Slutty Wallet

    The Slutty Wallet

    A Ricky's NYC exclusive! Lose your dignity, not your wallet. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $5.00

  9. Braza Magic Boost
  10. Braza Secret Stash

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