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Fashion Solutions

Hooray for no more fashion blunders! Ricky’s has all the best fashion design solutions. If your fashion wear has a tear try our flash tape or fashion tape for quick fix its to wardrobe malfunctions. Women Fashion Forms extenders increase the length of your bra band, ideal for maternity and weight gain. We have all the solutions from the greatest brands like Braza, Spanx, A.J. Morgan and Totes.

Keep up with the fashion trends and fashion accessories when you order our style solutions. We have silicon and foam push up pads, invisible bra straps and breast petals for women. But fashion isn’t just clothes! We also carry glasses, tote umbrellas and ponchos.

We want to make your life easier and all of our products are here to help you do that. Order them now and be happy with your purchases. The greatest fashion solutions and accessories are only a click away!

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  1. Braza Black Passion Petals

    Braza Black Passion Petals

    Passion Petals speak for themselves! Each pair can be used up to 20 times. Learn More
  2. Braza Bra Converter Clip

    Braza Bra Converter Clip

    Thin, comfortable Bra Converting Clips keep straps hidden and in place. Color of clip may vary. Learn More
  3. Braza Cinderella Kit

    Braza Cinderella Kit

    Talk to the Heel comfort pads are made from the patented, premium quality Poron® material. Unique for its non bulky cushioning offering support, freedom from shifting, sliding, odor and perspiration. Learn More
  4. Braza Clear Bra Straps

    Braza Clear Bra Straps

    Clear Bra straps are stylish and discreet without sacrificing support or comfort in tops that would normally show off your straps. They can be used with any bra that has detachable straps. Stylish under sheer fabric , discreet with tanks , halter and t-shirts and sexy with revealing necklines and swimsuits.

    Learn More
  5. Braza Clear Magic Clip

    Braza Clear Magic Clip

    While redistributing weight and taking pressure off the shoulders , MAGIC CLIP adds impressive , instant breast lift. Adjustable for personal comfort it wraps around , then slides up and down bra straps , bringing comfort for every breast size and body type.

    Learn More
  6. Braza Clear Reveal Bra
  7. Braza Clear Silicone Comfort Bra Strap Pads
  8. Braza Contour Petal Silicone Gels

    Braza Contour Petal Silicone Gels

    For A Cups!

    Clingy clothes? Cold day? Swimming? Going braless? Stop embarrassing nipple show-through instantly with these silicone gel petals.

    Discreet covers mold to your breasts' shape for natural , smooth coverage. Eliminates show-through under knits & revealing fashions. Made of non-sensitizing silicone adhesive , for a secure fit that can be reused up to 30 times. Convenient tray for travel & storage included.

    Learn More
  9. Braza Flash Tape

    Braza Flash Tape

    A body and clothing tape. Use tape to adhere clothes to your body

    Learn More
  10. Braza Half Size Silicone Magic

    Braza Half Size Silicone Magic

    Adds half a cup size and superior cleavage! Learn More
  11. Braza Hemmingways

    Braza Hemmingways

    Quickly convert pant length to wear with high heels, boots and flats. Includes 16 snaps. Learn More
  12. Braza Magic Boost
  13. Braza Mini Pink Flash Tape Dispenser

    Braza Mini Pink Flash Tape Dispenser

    Compact Flash Tape dispenser... to go where you go. Learn More
  14. Braza Mini Swim Tape

    Braza Mini Swim Tape

    The perfect travel-friendly version of Braza's waterproof, double-sided fashion tape. Great for vacations, by the pool and at the beach. Learn More
  15. Braza No Adhesive Silicon Tops

    Braza No Adhesive Silicon Tops

    Round silicone petals with paper thin edges. Activated by body heat with just the right amount of 'tack' to keep petals comfortably in place. Reusable. 1 pair. Learn More
  16. Braza Reusable Swim Petal Tops

    Braza Reusable Swim Petal Tops

    Reusable nipple covers are comfortable, convenient and economical. Each pair can be used 10 times or more. Learn More
  17. Braza Secret Stash
  18. Braza Swim Flash Tape

    Braza Swim Flash Tape

    30 Foot Roll dispenser.

    Waterproof Fashion Tape keeps swimwear and activewear in its place.

    Learn More
  19. Braza Talk To The Heel Hero

    Braza Talk To The Heel Hero

    Stop your heels from sinking into the grass, mud, sand and cracks with our clear, discreet, Heel Heroes. Transparent. 2 Pair included. Learn More
  20. Braza Upsie Daisies

    Braza Upsie Daisies

    Upsie Daisie is guaranteed to hold up just about any dress… sequins, bangles and all – even on the dance floor! Cha Cha anyone? Learn More
  21. Braza Waist Band...Fast Fix

    Braza Waist Band...Fast Fix

    With the Braza Waist Band...Fast Fix you can keep your pants up without a belt! Learn More
  22. Braza Wipe Out Deodorant Erasers

    Braza Wipe Out Deodorant Erasers

    These easy to use deodorant erasers quickly and easily remove unsightly deodorant residue from your clothing!

    Learn More
  23. Design Go Lint Roller

    Design Go Lint Roller

    True to it's name this Lint Roller, can be rolled onto your clothing and remove lint. It's pocket sized dimensions allow you to carry it around in your bag or pocket, definitely a step up from your normal home sized lint roller. Learn More
  24. Design Go Money Belt Pro

    Design Go Money Belt Pro

    This little replacement for your fanny pack is just what every guy needs! Learn More
  25. Design Go Poncho-in-a-Pouch

    Design Go Poncho-in-a-Pouch

    Clips onto any belt, rucksack or bag. Excellent for holding any items you might want quick access to. Learn More

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