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RickyCare Backstage Bra

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The RickyCare Backstage Bra is a self-adhesive silicone bra.

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1. CLEAN & DRY, WILL APPLY: The RickyCare Backstage Bra works best on clean, dry skin. Cleanse the area with mild soap and water, and dry with a towel before applying bra. This will remove any body oils, perfumes, lotions, glitter, or long lost earrings (it's happened -- no judgement), and ensure the RickyCare Backstage Bra stays put!

2. ONE AT A TIME, GIRLS: Your second favorite game of Flip Cup: unhook the RickyCare Backstage Bra and flip one cup inside out, with both hands. Place the cup at your desired angle on one breast, roll the sides down and smooth them flat against your skin. Once your first cup is on firmly, repeat the step on the other breast. Consult your magic mirror to make sure everything's even.

3. ALWAYS CLOSE THE DEAL: Place one palm on each cup for a few seconds to ensure all air bubbles are gone, and the RickyCare Backstage Bar is firmly in place. Fasten the front clasp and get ready to turn heads on the dance floor (or have a successful interview, or charm everyone at a gala, or steal the crown at a bikini competition, whatever you choose to do).

TAKE IT SLOW. Un-fasten the front clasp, and carefully peel off each cup, starting at the top and working downward. Run a tissue over skin to remove any stray adhesive.

Clean your RickyCare Backstage Bra after every use. Really. The better you care for your bra, the longer it will last.

1. HANDS ON, NAILS OFF: While holding one cup in your hand, run warm water and a touch of mild soap over it, and gently massage the adhesive side. Retract those claws; scrubbing and textures can cause the adhesive to tear or be removed.

2. DON'T RESI-DO: Rinse off each cup to remove excess soap and ensure all build-up has been cleaned away. Don't worry; you still have your memories...

3. DRY DRY DRY: Let your RickyCare Backstage Bra air-dry. Do not use as towel, as the fibers can stick to the adhesive. Do not apply heat of any kind, and do not machine wash or dry.

4. CASE CLOSED: Keeping your RickyCare Backstage Bra in the original packaging will keep it safe from dust, fibers, feathers, glitter, pet hair, or last earrings (okay, it's happened a FEW times).

1. NATURAL BEAUTY: for a more natural or subtle look, apply your RickyCare Backstage Bra in the lower-mid level of your breasts. This will achieve that #Flawless look everyone will envy. It will also look great in your strapless Wonder Woman getup, as well as in the business casual button-down you wear over it.

2. THE PIN-UP QUEEN: For a look that will help you achieve January-through-December status on the calendar, apply the the RickyCare Backstage Bra higher up on your breasts. No pictures, please! Okay fine, but no autographs...

3. LEARN TO ADJUST: It is recommended you play with your RickyCare Backstage Bra to see which looks you like the best. Applying each side farther apart will create more cleavage, for example. All breasts are different, so let the girls guide you! Don't become discouraged if the adhesive gets tired after repeated adjustments; simply clean the bra cups and allow them to dry before re-applying.

If any small fibers get on the adhesive, gently cleanse the bra. Using nails, tweezers, or pinching can disrupt the adhesive. Do not use alcohol-based cleaning products or products containing bleach. This will remove the adhesive entirely. Gentle soap and water is all you need! If your RickyCare Backstage Bra is accidentally punctured, use a silicone adhesive-like bandage to seal it. They'll be none the wiser. Be good to your bra and your bra will be good to you! 

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Color Nude
Brand RickyCare

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