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DS Laboratories Spectral.RS Hair Thinning Treatment

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Unlike mass-market products, Spectral.RS treats multiple causes of thinning hair because it deploys multiple high-performance ingredients, each researched and proven via clinical trials.

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This advanced technology works by opposing perifollicular fibrosis, hormonal imbalances, environmental stressors, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, side effects of medications, and other etiologies — all without minoxidil.

DS Laboratories Spectral.RS
combines Aminexil with Adenosine, Procyanidin B-2 and C-1, vitamins and mineral complex and herbal extracts. These breakthrough compounds closely resemble the effectiveness of minoxidil without the danger of side effects and work synergistically to deliver maximum results. To insure best performance, ingredients are encapsulated within nanosomes, which are microspheres that penetrate the deepest layers of skin to release ingredients slower over a 15-hour period.

For thinning hair & other types of hair loss:
-Stimulates hair follicles
-Increases diameter of hair strands
-Slows hair fall-out and improves follicular health
-Nanosome technology to deliver actives to targeted cells
-Contains hair regrowth agents without side effects

Works by addressing the multiple causes that lead to thinning hair, such as perifollicular fibrosis, stress, hormonal disturbance, lack of vitamins or mineral salts, and certain medications. In perifollicular fibrosis, a condition that accompanies all hair loss, collagen around the root becomes rigid and tightens, thus pushing the root to the surface and results in hair loss. Spectral.RS effectively addresses these variables with the most comprehensive topical solution.

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SKU 8907672453
Product Model 504005
Size 60ml
Brand DS Laboratories

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