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Sparks Powder Lightener - 1.05 oz

Quick Overview

Powder Lightener packette by Sparks. Combine with Developer for pre-lightening before applying hair color of choice.

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Sparks is a professional quality direct dye. This special dye system allows you to apply the color straight out of the tube directly onto the hair with no need to mix with anything else. The color you see coming out of your tube, is the color you will see in your hair.

Sparks are unique and different from other brands. Processing times, ingredient combinations and mixing options may vary with other brands. Please always mix Sparks with other Sparks colors.

Since Sparks is a staining direct dye, you may see staining in your bathtub. Use a bleach-based product to clean your bathtub and remove any stains.

Sparks is the longest-lasting bright hair dye available and will last in the hair up to 3 months. The durability of the color in the hair depends on several factors including:
-Porosity or condition of the hair: This references the health of the hair. If hair is damaged or overly porous, it lacks the internal fiber to adequately retain color, which leads to more rapid color fading.
-Shampoo use: Some shampoos may strip color from the hair faster, leading to more rapid fading of color. Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo for the longest-lasting results.
-Pre-lighten: If one chooses to apply Sparks to hair that has not been pre-lightened, the color will not be nearly as bold or vibrant and the color will fade more quickly.

1. Pre-Lighten
Pour contents of Powder Lightener packette into a non-metallic bowl. Add 3 oz Creme Developer and mix together until a smooth creamy consistency is achieved.  

2. Apply & Process
Apply to entire head. Let process until the desired tone is achieved. Shampoo, rinse thoroughly and dry the hair.  

3. Divide & Apply Hair Color
Divide the hair into four sections and twist those sections into mini buns. Let down a one inch section, starting with the front right. Saturate hair with desired shade using a tint brush.

4.  Color & Comb
Use a comb to ensure color is spread through the whole section. Continue to color and comb sections until complete.  

5. Finish Saturating
Move to the next section and repeat the same color & comb technique until all sections are saturated with color. 

6. Process & Rinse
Once head is saturated with color, clip hair up and out of the face. Process hair for 20 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo and condition. Rinse with cool water until water runs clear and style as desired. 

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SKU 5900000410
Hair Type For all hair types
Product Model SPA215
Size 1.0 oz
Brand Sparks

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