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H2Ocean Body Piercing Aftercare Spray - 1.5 oz

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Natural to Your Body H2Ocean Spray is the most effective product helping cleanse and heal all your oral and body piercings.

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Natural to Your Body H2Ocean Spray is the most effective product helping cleanse and heal all your oral and body piercings. It is the only Piercing Aftercare product that contains ingredients that are natural to your body. The ingredients of H2Ocean Spray are Purified Water, Sea Salt, Lysozyme and Sodium Benzoate which are found in the body's own metabolism. How it Works H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare SprayH2Ocean safely removes dried discharge and lymph secretions when used every 3-4 hours on Body or Oral Piercings.

H2Ocean spray helps increase the circulation to the body piercing and assist in the acceleration of the healing process. H2Ocean Piercing Spray will also help reduce lumps, scar tissue and itching.

The active ingredient in H2Ocean is Lysozyme which helps kill over 650 different types of bacteria, diseases, viruses and fungi. Lysozyme exists in our bodily fluids naturally to protect us from airborne bacteria.

The Coral Reef Sea Salt contains over 82 essential trace elements and minerals used to help in healthy cell regeneration. Natural to your body Reduce lumps Reduce scar tissue Reduce itching Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal Remains sterile from start to finish No cross contamination (bag in the can) The can allows all-altitude (360-degree) dispensing the product. Bag in the Can Packaging The pressurization agent- compressed air- surrounds the product- filled pouch. When the actuator is depressed, the air exerts pressure on the pouch, providing the force required for discharging the product. All of the air remains in the can and is not released into the atmosphere. This allows the product to have no cross contamination and a longer shelf life.


Just spray 3 to 6 times per day or as needed to the desired skin area. For best results, spray on skin area and let the solution completely dry. Do not wipe it off. The 360 degree non-aerosol dry-mist sprayer is ozone friendly and the formula remains sterile from start to finish.



Fast Acting

Safe Sterile

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Size 1.5oz
Brand H2Ocean

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