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    Baby Foot Treatment Kit

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    Treat yourself to super soft skin with this Baby Foot Treatment Kit!

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    FEATURED IN: Allure Magazine, Men's Fitness Magazine, 'The Today Show'

    Baby Foot is a foot care product that was developed in Japan in 1997. It exfoliates your feet through a peeling process, eliminating the dead skin from your feet.  It is has been sold in over 25 countries and now is available in the United States. Baby Foot is one of the most, unique, revolutionary foot care products available today. Babyfoot is a Chemical Exfoliation for the feet. 

    -Shower or bathe first.  If your feet are “prune-like” to begin with, the absorption is better.
    -Put a tight pair of socks over the booties.
    -Wear them for at least 1 hour.
    -If the shower is in a bathtub (that allows you to fill with water), allow about 3 inches of water to accumulate in the bottom of the tub/shower so the client is standing in water for a portion of their bathing process.  Gently rub your feet at the very end (once the feet are really saturated).  The dead skin should “roll” off. 
    -You can use scissors to trim any hanging skin when finished with your bathing routine each day. Don’t force the peeling process!
    -Apply any lotion to the feet when you get out of the shower and immediately put on snug socks (letting your feet get really dry lengthens the process).
    -Wear socks or peds during the heavy peeling days. 

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